Joomla CMS Extensions


JCE Editor

jce logo1JCE makes creating and editing Joomla!® content easy
Add a set of tools to your Joomla!® environment that gives you the power to create the kind of content you want, without limitations, and without needing to know or learn HTML, XHTML, CSS...

Office-like functions and familiar buttons make formatting simple
Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images and insert them into your articles using an intuitive and familiar interface
Create Links to other Sections, Categories, Articles, Weblinks and Contacts¹ in your site using a unique and practical Link Browser
Take control of your code with syntax highlighting in the Advanced Code editor and advanced style and element attribute editing
Integrated Spellchecking using your browser's Spellchecker (or PSpell and ASpell)

Akeeba Joomla BackUp

akeeba logoAkeeba Ltd specialises in building Open Source PHP software for backing up and securing web sites. Our goal is producing the highest quality PHP software, always honouring the core values of Freedom of choice and access to the software's source code. We go even further than that, by providing the most thorough documentation you've seen in PHP software and making it available to everyone.

We're here to redefine how PHP software is made, documented and supported! We're here to let you take absolute control of your site!