All I can say about our new website is WOW!

Friends of Peabody Lakes is a community organization. We needed a website that would allow us to post our latest events, keep our core members and visitors up to date with the latest news, and post articles, pictures and movies. Neil saw a broadcast on community television we made during our campaign to clean up Crystal Lake where I mentioned that we were looking for someone to help us out with a website.

Neil called the same day the broadcast aired and told me that he appreciated our efforts to preserve these important resources in his community and offered to donate a website, email and hosting to Friends of Peabody Lakes. I met with Neil, a couple of days later, at Universe Design to tell him about the kinds of things we needed the website to do. To my pleasant surprise, Neil already had our new website up and live on the Internet.

I spent the next couple of hours with Neil tweaking the site, setting up email for our core members and learning about how to manage our new Joomla website. All I can say is WOW! Neil delivered our fantastic new website in just 2 days and it is more than we could have ever hoped for.

Neil even provided image galleries for our users to upload there own pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that Neil is a seasoned Internet pro and has the knowledge to deliver websites that get the job done.

We now put our new web address FriendsofPeabodyLakes.com on all of our correspondence and our membership has recently doubled. I truly believe this is a direct result of our great new website designed and hosted by Universe Design. Neil has helped us become a stronger community organization.

Stewart Lazares

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