I must count Neil among the blessings of 2015

By: Paul Devlin of Meed Partners

I must count among the blessings of 2015 being lucky enough to discover the tremendous value of working with Neil Fabbo.

It's actually difficult to summarize the many strengths Neil brings to an engagement. He cares about the outcome. He brings all his experience, which is both deep and broad. He listens and is not afraid to ask questions or offer constructive alternatives. He has great humanity. Not only does he know Joomla but also he knows how to implement it with an eye to value and iterative growth of website capabilities. He took my skeletal sketch of requirements, worked with me to ensure that each feature was clearly defined, provided tremendous value in the selection of components, went extra miles where need be to get results that were not out of any box, and made the experience one I would not hesitate to repeat. Did I say too that he is honest? We might take this for granted but I can't underline enough how very impressed I was with his character and fairness in billing. A rarity in modern times.

if you are looking for a Joomla web development expert who can also provide strong strong practical web business counsel Neil must be among your top choices. 


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