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Neil was our saving grace. We came to him after being completely "had" by another web developer, who left us high and dry and with a site that had been hacked 3 times before going live.
Neil took what we had (a disaster) and turned our vision into a reality. He became invested in our success.

Neil is honest, reliable, available, sharp, dependable, trustworthy, patient. He is a teacher. We wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible and he took the time to educate us (off the clock) and worked hard to empower us so that we would not be 100% dependent on him to do the tasks that HE knew we were capable of doing.

Neil is up-to-speed on new technological developments and always made sure that our site was up-to-date and if upgrades were available and relevant to our site, he would make sure our site was current. He ALWAYS had the integrity of our site top of mind. If we wanted to do something, he would find a way to make it happen (off the clock if he was educating himself). If it wasn't possible and/or if it would jeopardize the site in any way (make upgrades difficult), he wasn't afraid to let us know. Our relationship was a constant conversation with ideas flowing back and forth, always working as a team to solve problems.

Beyond the technical, Neil is an amazing designer. He has created a number of ads for us and nails them every time. This always amazed us, as we have had a lot of experience working with designers.

Neil not only looks out for us but he also thinks about our users, our clients. Neil wants us to succeed because if we succeed, he succeeds.

Neil is a true professional and is invested in his clients. He is a partner to us in ever sense of the word. We are closing this assignment but opening a new one with him for ongoing development and maintenance.

Neil - Thank you. You are truly special

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