Is your Joomla! CMS Ready For The Huge Google Mobile Update?

Your Website Will Be Impacted By This Update

Google is at it yet again. The search engine giant is rolling out a huge update and causing major waves in the content world!
First off if you are using Joomla! CMS 3 or higher and a template that is responsive then you should be all set. You might want to spin your website through Google's Free Mobile Freindly Test before Google does it before April 21, 2015.
Here is the relevant information from Goolge specific to Joomla! CMS
Joomla is a content management system that enables you to build websites and online applications. 2014. Joomla 3.0 should be mobile friendly out of the box
Before you begin
We recommend backing up your site before making any changes or updates. That way you'll have a copy of it to restore if necessary.

If you're not sure how to backup your Joomla site, follow the Backup Basics for a Joomla web site documentation. If you find it difficult, seek support within the Joomla support forums or browse for help in our own webmaster support community.

If you use Joomla 3.0 your site should be already mobile-friendly. If you're using an older version of Joomla, follow the directions below.
1. What Joomla version and theme am I using?

1.1. How can I check it?
This may affect what changes you can make. These options expand greatly when your installation of Joomla is up-to-date.

Here are some ways in which you can check which Joomla version you're using:

Check your administration interface. The version number should be visible on the top or bottom of the interface depending on what version of Joomla you are using.

Check the System Information page in your administration interface. The version number should be appears on that page as well.

The version is located in the file /version.php, and can be viewed in a text editor. This file is typically located in /libraries/joomla/ but can be found elsewhere.
Note: If you feel lost at this point, we would advise you to stop or delegate this task to an expert.

1.2. Update your version and theme if required.
If your Joomla version isn't the latest available, we strongly recommend to update your Joomla installation to the latest version by following the Updating Joomla documentation. An update to the latest version will automatically apply needed security upgrades and make your site mobile-friendly.

1.3 Take the Mobile-Friendly Test
Test your URL in the Mobile-Friendly Test tool now that your website software version or themes are up to date. If you get a "mobile-friendly" score, you're done!

If the score isn't mobile-friendly, consider changing theme and/or customizing the current one. We have compiled the following documentation to guide you through the process.

2. How can I make my Joomla site mobile-friendly without updating Joomla versions?
First, learn how to install a Joomla extension by reading the Installing an extension guide. Many Joomla extensions can help you convert your site to be mobile-friendly without updating versions. Visit the Joomla Extensions Directory mobile section to search for an extension suitable for your site. Read the documentation given with the extension to make sure you know how to install and use the extension. When you're ready install the extension and apply it to your site.

3. Is my Joomla site mobile-friendly now? Final check
We hope your site is now mobile-friendly and ready to be served to your mobile audience. We invite you to use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool now.
If the test results are not stisfactory or you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us at Universe Design.

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